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Monday, May 6, 2013

An American Girl's Dream Houston TX Lifestyle Photographer

"All of my friends have one!"

Cameron and I try to teach our children to not be envious of others and to be thankful for what they have, but I couldn't help it this time.  Skylar had wanted an American Girl doll since January and I kept telling her to wait for her birthday in April.  I checked the dolls out online and geez, they were so pricey!  What ever happen to the Cabbage patch doll???

So April 19th fell on a Friday and my wonderful husband took off work because I explained to him that it was going to be a big trip going to Memorial City Mall.  Not only was it her birthday, but it was the day she was to pick out her very own American Girl doll!  We woke her up to pancakes and birthday wishes and then it was time to get ready!  She had picked out her favorite (mix-match) outfit with her bright blue tights and sparkly pink Toms on. 

We arrived and she was overwhelmed with excitement!  The moment she twirled through the rotating glass doors, she stopped dead in her tracks and didn't know where to look or where to even begin.  We found a super sweet employee who patiently walked around and around and around (times 10...lol) until Skylar found her doll!  The one that looked JUST like her! Of course we had to buy a matching outfit, which she quickly changed into.

As soon as we bought the doll, she quickly snatched it out of our hands, plopped down on the floor and started to get her dressed.  Strangers passed by and Skylar was so into her own little world, its like she was in her bedroom and didn't care at all who watched.  The determination in her eyes of trying to quickly get the doll out of the box and undressed was priceless.  Of course, Zane was totally bored, as a typical 5 year old boy would be surrounded by nothing but long haired girly dolls and their accessories, but he managed to control himself and be happy for his big sister.

I'm so glad I remembered to bring my camera!  The lighting was perfect in the store and her face was just so sweet and filled with happiness and excitement, I couldn't help to snap away and love what I captured!

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