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Thursday, May 2, 2013

I feel like the worst photographer sometimes b/c I hardly take any photos of my own children.  It's not that I don't want to, its just b/c I am always working with a camera in hand and when I'm not working, I want to relax...make sense?  When I start snapping away, its very easy for me to get obsessed with it and start brainstorming creative ideas and then I lose my focus on being with my kids and focus on trying to get that "perfect" image.  So the other day the kids were playing in their new rooms and I remembered seeing something Pinterest (yes I've become addicted) that I wanted to implement in our laundry room. So I gave my kids a big basket of clothes and let them play! (I'll post the final pinterest idea later).  Of course they played and laughed and everything was fun, but you know siblings, they always end up crying!  lol 

But seriously though, Skylar and Zane are the best of friends.  They may fight (like all siblings do) but they are always looking out for each other.  When one gets a sticker or piece of candy or whatever it may be, they won't eat it until they make sure the other has a piece also.....just sweetness!  

I hope they always remain best of friends.  

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