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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kristin and her "boys" were adorable. She tried to warn me by telling me that Mack (the big brother) was very shy and a bit stubborn and that Ben would be the easiest. Well right when they arrived at the location, I opened Mack's door to say hello and he just smirked and looked away! He wouldn't even bother to say hello to me and I instantly thought, "oh boy, he's going to be tough". Kristin got a little embarrassed and I could see in her eyes that she was a little nervous. Well sure enough, about 10 minutes into the session he totally warmed up to me and was so much fun and totally easy!!! He was cracking up the WHOLE time and it was Ben that was the hard one...lol It always cracks me up how moms try to "prepare" me for their kids and it never plays out that way. :0)

The last image set is one of my favorite sets I've done lately. Ben was starting to get a bit cold and a little restless and dad brought out the good ole' classic football. He didn't even know I was capturing him play with Ben. I love how you can see dad just a bit out of frame and how Ben's eyes light up when he notices daddys arms reach out to him. Then it ends with daddy kissing Ben. LOVE IT!

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