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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jenny booked the Angel Package with me when Liam (the lil' naked guy) was a newborn.  The cool part of this package is not only do you get a photographer for your lil' one his/her 1st year of life, I throw in some family photos as well.  So Jenny (AKA momma) wanted some cute lil' bootie shots of Liam and when we decided to take his clothes off, not one single soul was around.  Well sure enough when we striped him of his clothes, it seemed like every photographer in the area decides to show up at the same time and poor Liam was stark naked in the middle of downtown!  We started cracking up b/c everytime I was trying to take a picture, he'd look over at me with this, "go to hell" look...it was quite comical!  

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